InTouch Growth Academy

The most comprehensive business growth solution to date, the InTouch Growth Academy is a dynamic ‘done for you and with you’ service which allows you to work with our business, sales, marketing and automation experts to get a personalised and unique solution in place to achieve all of your business goals.

The Growth Academy delivers amazing results every time. The program has been designed to help you achieve your business goals and dreams. Take the Business Accelerator test and find out which option is right for you.

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Full Assisted Setup

This service is ideal for any business who wants to get the most from their investment.

We’ll help work through your sales and marketing strategy and help you plan and build your automated sales and marketing funnels within InTouch.

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System Training

InTouch is a big system, with lots of customisation options.  If you feel a little perplexed or don’t feel you’re getting the most from the system, then why not book in a training session?  Sessions start from as little as 1 hour.

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