5 Small Business Productivity Hacks For InTouch Users

InTouch is more than a software, its purpose is to dramatically change the way you think about your business and the way you run it. Here is some practical and applicable advice about how InTouch can help you manage your day better

We had this great post this week about how to better manage your time. We looked at how to make the most of your time, team and efforts, so that you get more done and still have time to spend on the other important things in your life (family, friends, and hobbies). Personally, I take this advice-giving business very seriously. And to you, our loyal customers, I would like to present more detailed and targeted information.

So, if you are reading this post, then you are already one step ahead in the game! You are one of those business owners who have invested in a software that would allow you to grow your business at faster rates on a minimal cost.

And to make our previous recommendations laser focussed, I have decided to take a very close look at how InTouch can help you and your small business be more effective and productive. So here are the small business productivity hacks for InTouch users:

# To Do List*

A To Do list is the first step to a more fruitful working day. Having your tasks written down and prioritized is a sure-fire way to be more productive.

But instead of writing things down on a flying piece of paper, why not schedule them using the InTouch Tasks tool? Here is how to make the most of it.

  • Allocate times for the different tasks – Unlike other complicated tools, setting up a task with InTouch is easy! In the Notes section you add as much detail to the task as possible (and I strongly recommend you do this as it makes the task sound more actionable and urgent), set a reminder (personally I like to receive texts) and link a contact from your database if the task requires you to speak to someone.

Small Business Productivity Hacks for InTouch Users

(*This feature is exclusively available to Sales and Complete Users)
  • Reminders and Deadlines* -What I personally like about this feature is the reminders section. The InTouch Tasks tool allows you to set yourself deadlines and send reminders. The system gives you a little poke so to speak, when it is time to start or finish a certain task. This way you can always be sure that you are on schedule!


(*This feature is only available to Complete Users.)
(Why not Upgrade and take advantage of this Small Business Productivity Hack)

You can also use your calendar tool to keep up-to-date with yours and your team’s other events, appointments and meetings. Achieve synergy between all your team members’ tasks and responsibilities.

# Meetings*

When it comes to this Small Business Productivity Hack, there are 2 crucial things to consider:

Firstly, not all meetings require your presence. If you believe that a certain presentation, for example can be delivered by one of your team members, why not assign the task to them?

As a business owner, you probably have more pressing issues to address, so how about you give the job to somebody else.
Simply create the task and assign it to whomever you want!

Small Business Hacks for InTouch Users

(*This feature is available to Sales and Complete Users)

Secondly, for those occasions that do require your presence, be prepared. Nothing speeds up a meeting quite like having done your homework in advance. So set up a task to prepare and study the people you are going to meet up with. Depending on the type and goal of the meeting, you will probably have to refer to your database.

Look at the contact, the history of your interactions, what has been said in meetings etc.

If the meeting is concerning a possible sale, you can look at the Sales and Leads tool for more information on the particular product in question, expected close date etc.

Small Business Hacks for InTouch Users

Use the contact history tool to catch up with the last interactions you’ve had with the person you are about to meet up with.

Small Business Hacks for InTouch Users
Refer to Leads and Sales and make sure you know how the business deal is progressing.

Prepare in advance so that you save time on the actual meeting. What’s more, being well informed and organised will absolutely impress your client!

# Delegate

As we mentioned above, you can easily allocate tasks to members of your staff. Simply look at their Calendar* to see what assignments they have planned for the weeks to come:Small Business Hacks for InTouch Users

(*The Calendar feature is available to Sales and Complete Users)

And add a task to their list! Once you have assigned a task, you can get on with your own things To Do.

# Automate*

Automated emails are the answer to busy business owners’ prayers. With its user-friendly interface, InTouch allows you to create automated sequence emails in minutes!
Small Business Hacks for InTouch Users(*This feature is available to Marketing and Complete Users)
(Why not Upgrade and take advantage of this Small Business Productivity Hack)

Whether you want a Follow-up email, a Thank you for Signing up to our newsletter email or any other follow up for that matter, you can do it with InTouch!

Simply follow the on-screen instructions and create targeted and customer-centric sequences of emails that will be sent out when you want them to. To put it simply, automated emails make life easier! They work while you sleep!

Best thing after sliced bread in the business industry!

With so many of your day to day responsibility either taken care of or scheduled in your calendar, it is a lot easier to take a break.
Don’t forget the importance of a good break. Thanks to InTouch you won’t have to worry that things won’t get done while you are away. Either put it in your calendar or assign the task to somebody else; even those emails will get sent by themselves! The system will be working for you even when you are away, so book that holiday you have dreamed of, and leave the rest to InTouch!

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