7 BIG Ideas for Small Business Summertime Marketing

Did you know that after Christmas, summer is the time of the year when consumers spend the most? Holidays, children off school, summer discounts combined with the hot weather and generally more positive outlook on things, makes us open our pockets a little wider.

You probably have a marketing strategy or at least a plan ready for the winter holidays but is your small business prepared to take advantage of the summertime spending spree? Here are 7 BIG ideas for Small Business Summertime Marketing.

Grow your list

This time of year offers the perfect opportunity to grow your email list. Encourage people to sign up to your emails by offering one lucky winner a reward. Anything from a beach towel, a BBQ, or even something small like a cold pint (or something big as a holiday abroad) will entice people to sign up!

Who doesn’t like a freebie?

2014-07-31 10.35.30Summer photos

You and your employees deserve to get some sun as well so don’t be shy, go out, enjoy yourself and pose for the camera. Show your lighter side and show your prospects you are the same as them by posting a picture of your company’s barbeque, exotic holiday or a fun team day out. Here are our photos, for example. What do you think?

Social Media Photo Contest

Are you struggling to get the likes on your Facebook page to increase? Why not run a summer photo contest. People love contests and sharing their experiences. Ask for people to share their summer photos with you and offer a praise for one lucky winner. Simple and effective!

Sponsor a local event

Come the summer months and all sorts of local events begin to happen.
Sponsorships are not a reserved PR tactic for the large corporations only. Why don’t you sponsor a local event or cause? Whether it is a home-grown football team, a school or a cause, having your business’ name associated with something else rather than just a product would be a great brand boost.

Sponsorships tend to be seen by the customers, shareholders and staff members as philanthropic, charitable and beneficial for both the company and the benefactor.
Get your business that extra bit of exposure and show people that you care.

Place business cards at attractions

Get a stack of business cards or brochures in every major attraction that shares the same customer base as you. Add an incentive for responding to the back of your business card to promote sales. Again, you can add a QR code at the back of your card.


Summertime is synonymous with festivals and with this comes yet another  Small Business Summertime Marketing idea. With the amount of media coverage and the number of people who flock these events, it may be worth renting a booth space on a venue your customers attend. Not sure how suitable Glastonbury would be, but Edinburgh Fringe (UK), Juste pour rire (Canada), Melbourne International Comedy Festival (Australia) or any similar event near you may be just the little marketing boost your business needs. Collect email addresses, add them to your database and follow up after the festival.

Hot Spot Display

If renting a booth is not your thing, or isn’t suitable for your business, why not try a banner? Create a beautiful poster and put it somewhere where people can see it, somewhere busy. Add a little QR code in the corner and you will be able to direct people straight to your website, or even to your sign up or social media page. The possibilities are endless!

Small Business Summertime Marketing doesn’t need to be complex. In fact it should be the opposite, straight forward and easy, engaging and fun! So there you are, some awesome advice for summer time marketing that is both fun and applicable! The best thing is, the effects of these actions would be working for you long after the swimming suits and parasols are packed. Keep up the engagement, send follow up communications, nurture prospects and you will benefit long-term! Your customers are having fun, your business should be too!

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  1. Great post! I have just created a facebook photo contest for my hand made jewellery business and i’ve never had so much engagement! I will also try the poster idea too. Thanx a ton!

    1. Thank you for the kind comment Jenny! Glad to hear that your Facebook contest is going well. Let me know how the posters turn out too! Best of luck!

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