Why Smart Business Owners Use Automated Marketing Emails to Boost Their Marketing Efforts

Automated emails – explaining what the buzz is all about

Automated EmailsSo you send emails. You have a newsletter you send out every week, or maybe, you email customers to let them know their purchase in en route and that’s it. If this is all you are doing, if that is your business’s entire email strategy, you may be missing an important component to your marketing plan.

It is important to make the most of every tool in your marketing box, and when it comes to emails, why not try automating some of them? There are certain things you will still have to do manually, like writing and sending newsletters, however there are activities that you can put on autopilot.

But before we get into the tricks of the trade, let’s clarify what email marketing stands for.

Email campaigns that are automated (aka auto responders) have been written in advance and sent automatically when activated. You decide on the action/sequence of actions that trigger the emails to be sent. For example, you can have an email automatically send to welcome every new person who signs up for your newsletter, you can have emails timed around events (birthdays, new year’s eve, Easter etc.), you can have a welcome sequence for every new customer you acquire. The possibilities are endless.

The Benefits of Automated Emails:

The benefits that come with automated emails are endless. Starting with efficiency: we all know that if there is one thing small businesses lack, it is time. So why not automate some of the mundane, day-to-day tasks?

The beauty of auto responders is that they are being sent at the right time, triggered by specific events. They also have the right content, since you have created it for the specific situation when that trigger has gone off.

Another value that comes with automated emails is the relatively low price. Auto responders make you look professional whilst the level of investment required is relatively low. For the advantages and benefits it brings, auto responders are definitely worth the hype!

How to make the most of Automated Emails

Automated EmailsThink about the event that would trigger the email sequence and consider what kind of content would be relevant to the customer at that particular time. Is it a Welcome email whenever somebody signs up for your newsletter? Then possibly they are new to your business, so you can welcome them with an exclusive offer, provide links to social media, announce your next blog post.

Is it a Thank you email when somebody has placed an order online? Then give them a link where they can track their order, a contact where they can ask questions about the progress of their order, feedback forms etc.

If it is a celebratory message for Easter for example, keep it light and joyful, maybe include a link to your new spring collection or an upcoming sale.

Either way, think carefully who your receiver is, what stage of the buying process they are at the minute and what content they would find useful at that stage of the process.

Take everything you know about your leads into context when drafting content for your emails.

Expert Tip

Use your reports and see which particular emails are doing better than others. Maybe your first email is a great hit but your second and third ones of the sequence not so much. Keep an eye on reports and adjust your messages accordingly.

Automated emails work while you sleep! You can schedule as many or few as you like. We use them for our business, and we think they are great! How about you?

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