The most chilled 10 minutes of my day

Around a year ago I decided that I had to make some changes in the way I work. I have always been very driven and focused on working hard but there is little value in working incredibly hard and yet not achieving the results you want. As a business, InTouch has been growing but the pace of growth is not as quick as I want.


People might read this and think ‘if you are growing then why worry’ but I have always wanted to achieve more and do more and the best way I think to measure your own success is to compare yourself against the best in your industry. I did this and when I looked at the results I wasn’t happy. I needed to change and increase the speed of our growth and in order to do this, I needed to change the way I worked. I am an avid listener and reader of books and several of the business leaders I listened to (Grant Cardone and Gary Keller were 2 key ones) said that in order to achieve results, you need to be clear about what you want and when you want the results by. Once you are clear about these 2 elements, you can then set about working to achieve them.


A number of these leaders also encourage the daily ritual of writing down your goals for the year and the current day when you wake up. This activity allows you to visualise the longer term goals and then take the actions in that day which can help achieve those goals. Breaking down the yearly goals into 6 monthly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals allows you to make smaller, gradual steps towards the end point as its normally pretty difficult to eat a hippo in just one bite!


Writing down your thoughts also has a calming effect on your day as well as focusing your mind. It is very difficult to not all get into the habit of waking up, seeing the blue, green or red light on your phone and going straight into the emails and notifications that have occurred from the night before! Taking 10 minutes to think about where you want to go, write down on the goals you have and then outline what you can do on that day to achieve the goals is something I strongly advise anyone in business to do. It sets the priority for the day, it focuses your mind on the things which really matter and keeps your mind fresh for the day ahead.


Once you have spent this time, re-affirm to yourself that you can achieve success and then go and tackle those actions. Getting the main actions you have outlined for the day done early or before the day gets started is also something I recommend. I am not there yet myself in always getting these tasks done (I am a terrible procrastinator and flitter ) but on the days when I have got the 3 main actions I wanted to get done completed, you feel amazing. The chemical reactions in your brain when you complete tasks not only makes you feel good but you can then carry on with the rest of the day knowing you have done the key tasks required to hit your long term goals!


I always try to finish off my day by reviewing what I’ve done, seeing what actions I’ve completed and also outlining what I have learned within the day as well as writing down some other reflections on how the day has gone.


So there you have it. The best 10 minutes of my day. The time when I define the goals and targets I am going to achieve and give myself the platform to achieve in the day. I know that I can’t guarantee success and there is no way to ensure I grow the business at the same speed as others in my industry. What I can do though is set clear goals and then alter my day and my time to ensure I achieve these goals! A ship doesn’t leave the harbor without knowing where it is going and having a map to get there. Do you know where you are going and how you are going to get there? If you don’t then maybe spending 10 minutes each day writing down your goals and setting a plan for the day might help!

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