The Power of Social Media Marketing in 2018



Sufficiently advanced technology, it is said, is indistinguishable from magic. I have no doubt that the amount of technological advancement the world has witnessed in the past few decades is mind-blowing enough to the modern man. The developments cut across all sectors in such a way that there is no room for resting – it is the real halt-and-catch-fire situation. If you are too slow or even rest a moment, you will be left behind. This is a truth many business owners have glimpsed and it is why they are tapping into the potentials that social media holds for businesses. 


So how can social media help businesses and what are the advantages therein?


With the birth of sixdegrees.com in 1997, the world was to change forever as it was the first widely accepted social media platform. The geographical and physical barriers to human interaction gradually became removed, and in more recent times, one could say that such barriers are now virtually non-existent. The internet now offers more than just one-on-one interaction. Gone are the days when you needed the radio or the TV to reach out to millions of persons at a time. With social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc., you can now reach out to a much larger audience than the TV or the radio can facilitate, and even more, you can reach out to specific types of audience with your message or advertisement. Imagine being able to target expectant mothers with products meant for new babies – or imagine being able to target only high school students with your offers – Yes!!! That is the type of targeting that social media can offer!


Apart from being able to target specific individuals, social media can help clients and customers build and maintain trust in your business. You can create a following or a fan base that will be forever loyal to your brand with unique customer experiences that social media offers. You could interact directly with your customers, addressing their needs, getting their reviews and replying to them instantly. In fact, certain media platforms such as Facebook now allow you to put everything on autopilot through chatbots; smart computer programs that can perform your tasks for you. They can interact with customers based on their public profiles and posts, and suggest the best offers or deals to them.


One other great thing that social media offers is how it can be integrated with several other platforms. You could add a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest  share button on a blog post on the website of your business so that your readers can share your post with their friends or circles thereby increasing the popularity of your brand or business. All of these help you favourably compete with your competitors and assess your own performance. Facebook Insights and Google Analytics are two good tools that allow you to measure your performance while using the platforms provided by the two tech giants.


And finally, using social media to boost your business performance can come at no cost. You could use social media to aid your business if you know how to set it up on your own and even when you cannot; the amount you will spend on hiring a social marketing agency is minuscule compared with the benefits that come with it. The advantage of using a social media marketing agency lies in the fact they are professionals and know the nitty-gritty of the business.


Social media remains the largest community in the world and to grow your business, it is prudent that you put it on the social media map!


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