The Top 4 Lead Nurturing Tactics for Successful Conversions

To ensure that your sales qualified leads never lose interest in your products and/or services, you have to nurture them properly. For best results, your lead nurturing strategy must be well crafted and carried out with the aim of keeping the leads interested in what you have to offer them.

It is no longer sufficient to simply create content on your website and hope for a good response. From the second a prospect visits your site to the moment they make their first purchase, you have to keep them engaged.

There are many lead nurturing tactics to employ when doing lead nurturing, but here are the most effective;



1. Lead Scoring

This feature allows you to know the views of your leads by the use of a scale to grade their perception. When you have this knowledge, you can easily prioritise by channeling most of your focus towards a particular set of people who are more promising.

By using this lead nurturing tactic, you can tell if a lead is worth pursuing by their activities; the ones that go through your pricing page are more serious about buying and should be given more attention than the ones who go through your career page, so you know how to rank them.



2. Target Content

Content is king (read more here), so let your leads have a reason to stay glued to your website. To create the best content, you need to know the persona of your leads and understand what they are looking for so you can provide it for them. Continually introduce new deals related to what they desire. Be creative and don’t be boring, make it interesting!

Understand that these leads are most likely viewing your site because of content they saw and want more information about, it is your mission to give them what they came looking for. You can create downloadable content such as eBooks and videos and update them from time to time.



3. Don’t restrict yourself to email marketing 

Whilst email marketing is one of the most effective ways of communicating with prospects, there are also more modern strategies that you can adopt alongside email marketing (click here to read why email marketing alone is not enough to win business). To nurture your leads effectively, you must think beyond method of sending out generic emails to prospects. You can use direct sales outreach, paid retargeting and of course, social media to keep leads engaged.




4. Timing is everything

Reply to your leads as soon as possible. Conversion is much easier when your leads are still warm. Studies have revealed that only 37% of companies respond within an hour, make sure your company is one of them. Leads should be contacted immediately after they’ve shown interest, any delay might cost you a lead. It is important to know that the chances of generating a successful lead is 21% higher when you respond to them within five minutes of lead submission.






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