Time Management Tools For Great Results

Do you feel in-box overwhelmed? Are you controlling your time, or is time controlling you?

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Even if you have a system of sorts, other daily interruptions like phone calls, “quick” questions, etc. can bog down work place productivity and make effective time management fly out the window. Yet, there is a way to make your system work better for you.

Taskpads and shared calendars are designed take the headache out of all your scheduling, so you can focus on your core business. Yet, are you making the most out of these time saving tools?

Whatever your current taskpad of choice, we feel things could be so much better for you, which is why we created our innovative, interactive calendar and taskpad tools to help you dig out of the time trench so you can focus on your core business.

How does it work? Let’s start with our shared calendar. We like to think of this feature as a smarter way to organise time. With just a few simple clicks, you’ll be able to keep all your appointments, meetings and projects in the calendar, set yourself deadlines and reminders and share with your team instantly, which coordinates perfectly with the taskpad function.

Our taskpad tool provides a powerful paperless alternative to messy scraps of paper, notes galore etc. It’s a pretty straightforward system that allows you to assign tasks to yourself or a member of your team including assigning job responsibilities, creating deadlines, editing tasks and setting up reminders as the project nears its completion date. In a nutshell, it’s an interactive, updatable online to do list.

And the best part, since it is an interactive, real-time tool, everyone on the team has an up to date view of progress at all times, which is extremely helpful as projects near its deadline.

We know getting organised is easier said than done, but we believe in making it that much more easier. If you’d like to test drive our innovative time management services, click below to get started.

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