TRACKFARE Explained – Number One on the list, Trustworthy

Consistent sales success is a must for any business. Making the statement is easy – putting that plan into action is the hard part. That’s where TRACKFARE comes into play. Over the coming weeks we’ll discuss how optimising and improving your business with our fine-tuned method gives you the foundations you need to give you profit, productive sales techniques and above all, prospects.

TRACKFARE cuts through all the waffle-y words and marketing fluff, and gets straight the point of what your business needs. An easy to implement, clear method to build up your business to be a long-term success. The first step in a three-part model system designed to enhance your business practices, TRACKFARE explores 9 core foundations that you need to utilise to improve your business; bringing in more prospects, converting them to fantastic leads and ultimately increasing existing customer satisfaction.

Today we’ll be talking about number one on the list; the ‘T’ in TRACKFARE – which stands for Trustworthy. An important aspect of any business model, whether you employ 2 or 200 people, is appearing trustworthy both to your prospects and your customers. Trust also plays a major role internally, and is a very important stepping stone towards a successful business with satisfied, happy customers. Being able to be a business that your customers can always rely on may seem like a difficult goal to achieve, but with a few simple exercises you can increase your stock tenfold with the prospects who could become great customers, whether it’s products, services or anything else!

What does it mean to be Trustworthy?

Being trustworthy means building a positive relationship with your prospects. After all, they’re making an investment in your business by choosing your product or service versus the products or services your competitors offer. This positive relationship will not only keep your converted, happy customers coming back to you for more in the future, it will also encourage them to recommend your business to their friends, family or colleagues. Over time, this can lead to an overall reliable reputation in the public eye – which is never a bad thing!

There are many different ways you can help nurture and develop prospect trust in your business, some of which may take a bit of imagination as well as some time and effort, but will more than pay off in the end – with happy customers, a profitable company and a great reputation to fall back on.

Here are some of the methods you can use to develop a bond of trust with your prospects, improving your business practices and your brand reputation:

Be a Human, not a Robot!

Content is a fantastic way to reach out to your prospects, and can be used to establish your business as a group of real people, rather than a faceless entity that many companies can appear as. Reaching out with tools such as recorded videos, webinars or even just team profiles and imagery on your website gives your prospects insight into who is behind the products or services they purchase or are considering purchasing. If your content also provides genuine insight, specialist knowledge or expert advice that’s of value to your prospects, they’ll appreciate is even more.

Showing you’re ‘real’ is of great advantage to you – after all, it’s much easier to trust a friendly face and name than a company logo or blurb! It’s also important to ensure that your prospects and returning customers know that you care about them; because without their business you wouldn’t be where you are today. This could be as small as a follow up ‘thank you’ phone call or even go as far as a birthday card or message with a special offer specifically for them. The key is to be personable and human.

If you’ve ever been on the phone to a company and find yourself trying to talk to a robot to get through to the department you want, you know the frustration of that situation. Prospects will often say they just want to talk to a person – and this is the same principle. A human voice is always welcomed over an automated system.

The Prospect (Customer) is Always Right

Well, maybe we wouldn’t go quite that far, but providing excellent customer service can go far when it comes to establishing your business as trustworthy, reliable and recommended. Going above and beyond to assist your customers, even if it turns out the product is not for them, can lead to that product being recommended to a friend who it may be suitable for.

Customer service is an important part on every step of the prospect journey, from the initial contact you have with them through to ordering and aftercare. They’re another touchpoint with your potential customer and another way that you can connect to them in a positive way. Being able to provide your customer with all the information they need on a service or product in seconds is just one example that will make your customers happy.

Some specialised automated processes such as update texts and emails, a tracking system and even just a note to welcome them to the company with every product you sell can add impactful touches without taking up too much of your time, and can really boost how customers feel about your business.

In fact, an article by BizReport even quoted a survey in which a staggering 86% of participants felt that customer service was even more important than brand loyalty when it comes to their purchasing decisions.

In any industry, there will be bad days and things will go wrong. It’s just as important to use positive customer service in these instances too. Keeping your prospects informed and up to date throughout; if their order is going to be late, if the product they want is sold out or if their product is being repaired, can turn a negative situation into something more positive. People always remember the worst about your company; make sure that your worst is better than the best for other companies!

Get Social

With the majority of the world now connected via social media platforms, from Facebook to LinkedIn, there’s no way you can ignore the power of Social Media. It’s not only a fantastic way to advertise your products and show your presence in a modern way; it is another way you can give your company a personality.

A study featured by AdWeek even found that Facebook is actually the most successful way to connect with prospects – with 68% of the focus group saying that they’d be most likely to take product and service recommendations via the platform.

Social Media is the ultimate tool for engaging with prospects, opening conversations from potential customers that may otherwise have never gotten in contact with you. The casual nature of most platforms means that you can fit your business to this mind set too.

Respond to comments on your posts, start conversations and respond the queries with online messaging; all of these ways of engaging with your prospects on this level helps them associate your business with a positive connection. Trust isn’t built in a vacuum; the communication has to be there. The tiniest details can help you to humanise your online voice, from the use of names to sign off your messages to just asking your prospect how their week is going.

Being helpful, informal and quick are all aspects of social media that should be considered high priority in the management of your platforms; as an extension of customer service and care. Social media is the ultimate multi-tasking platform, with prospects contacting you regarding anything from prices through to delivery times and support – make sure you have a capacity to keep everyone happy.


Validate your Business

Appearing personable and approachable in the eyes of your prospects is very important, but backing that up with hard facts and accolades is also essential. Presenting your awards, reviews and testimonials front and centre on your website shows just how proud you are of what your business has achieved. This validates the knowledge and content you provide as coming from a business that’s outstanding in its field.

Of course, before you can display those awards and reviews in pride of place, you need to achieve them! Applying for awards both at events and online is a fantastic way to get your business out there, and can be utilised on social media so your prospects can see the confidence you have in your product or service.


Reviews are even easier to gain; a request for a review on Google, Facebook or your website to your happy customers will slot neatly into any post-sales information or follow up details you’re delivering to your customer, whether its via email marketing, a quick phone call or even face to face.

According to SearchEngineLand, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Very happy customers are more likely to take this initiative to share their opinions on their own; though unhappy customers are likely to as well. This online presence lets your prospects see exactly what they’re getting into with your business.


Transparency and Integrity

There’s nothing that turns prospects away faster than a business that lacks transparency. Hiding information, whether it’s costs or just terms and conditions, can quickly make the people who purchase your product mistrustful of what you can offer them, and that in turn can lead to them choosing another supplier over yourselves.

Being transparent about your values, and up front about your prices, allows your prospects easy access to your company, and lets them gain all the information they need quickly about your products and services. Sharing your values also gives them insight into what kind of a company you are; being ‘closed off’ behind a big logo might be easier but it will do nothing for your brand. Showing genuine pride and drive for the values you stand for is more likely to bring in prospects and get a better conversion rate than choosing to be entirely neutral and middle-of-the-road.

Label Insight revealed that in a 2016 study, 94% of all consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand who has full transparency. If word gets out that your brand is transparent – and all the information is out there – you stand a far greater chance of getting those prospects rolling in.

Integrity is also a very important element to a highly regarded business. Keeping your promises to your prospects and customers is necessary – and if you can’t keep those promises, utilise those excellent customer service skills to keep your prospective customer in the loop from purchase to post-sale.


It’s a two-way street

You can’t expect a lot from customers unless you give some back; and in fact, you shouldn’t automatically assume that giving something for free means you’re owed something back! In the digital age, information gathering prior to purchase is at an all-time high; those free ebooks, expert advice articles and webinars may lead to brand recognition and purchase in the future.

Discounts are also a great way to gain high quality prospects that lead to loyal customers; offering your prospects the best service, a memorable company culture and a great price will leave you with very pleased purchasers who are much more likely to come back and buy again – even if it is at full price.

It’s not just giving that’s a two-way street; trust is a large part of the company-customer relationship as well. Building trust from both sides results in the strongest bond.

Want to know more?

Hopefully from this post you’ve seen how much we believe that trustworthiness is a worthwhile pursuit for any business big or small. We certainly think it’s important; trust helps build continued business and gives you loyal customers. There’s nothing better than doing a great job and offering a fantastic service that results in your customer singing your praises to anyone who will hear!

But would you believe it, this is only letter one of our TRACKFARE method; we’ve got eight more to go! Tune in next week to find out why Reliability is incredibly important to your customers, and what you can do to improve it.

Alternatively, if you want to get stuck into the TRACKFARE method now, we’ve launched a video series covering everything you need to know about this model and more. With over 3 hours of valuable content, including exclusive tips and tricks to get you rolling, TRACKFARE is what you need to increase your prospects, make sure you’re giving the right message and give your profits a boost in the long term.


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