[WEBINAR] Making the perfect email campaign

When: 6th February 2018 @ 2pm GMT

Email marketing can be a bit of a dark art at times, with spam filters getting smarter and lots of email traffic flying around, getting seen is harder than ever. 

In this webinar, we will go through everything that makes and email from the look and feel, to the call to actions and even the audience you are sending it to

Matt will share his experience of sending campaigns to millions of people in one click and getting awesome returns on investment

This is one webinar not to be missed!

[WEBINAR] Why lead generation is not enough to win business

When: 13th February 2018 @ 2pm GMT

Lead Generation is the buzz word around all sales and marketing, but does it actually win you new business? What happens to those new leads? What happens if they don’t buy first time?

This webinar will explore Lead Generation and more importantly, Lead Nurturing, showing you how to convert more leads without needed to work more hours!

[WEBINAR] Why content is key to your success

When: 20th February 2018 @ 2pm GMT

Content is key to every customer interaction, before, during and even after the sale has taken place. Without it, what are you going to day?

Matt explores the different type of content which is making an impact in both the lead generation world and lead nurturing – including some secret hints and tips on how to win where others have failed!

[WEBINAR] Why content is key to your success

When: 27h February 2018 @ 2pm GMT

The process is simple, lead generation to get people to a landing page… but what if that landing page looks like a dogs dinner and all of the money you are spending on lead generation is wasted?

Matt looks at successful landing pages and breaks them so you can understand how successful pages work and what you need to do to build your winning page!

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