What are the Benefits of Segmenting Your Customer Data?

What are the Benefits of Segmenting Your Customer Data?


Segmenting your customer data is hugely important in order to target the right people with the right marketing message. Assuming that all of your customers will be interested in the same products or services is a mistake if you want to drive sales successfully. If you’re not convinced of the benefits of segmenting your customer data, keep reading!



Here are 4 benefits of segmenting your data:


1. Target the Right People Segmenting Your Customer Data


One of the greatest benefits of segmenting your customer data is that it gives you the ability to target the right people with your marketing. It’s unlikely that your business will have just one type of customer. If you are an estate agents, for example, you’re likely to have buyers of different age ranges and in different locations with varying budgets. Therefore, marketing to them with the same broad message, advertising a range of properties will be less successful than sending each group a more targeted message with more specific properties that would suit them.


By segmenting your customer data and targeting the right people with the right message, you’ll receive higher engagement rates from your customers and therefore increase your sales.



2. Avoid Being Marked as Spam


If you email your customers too frequently you risk being marked as spam or them unsubscribing to your emails. By segmenting your customer data, you not only send less communications but you also only send communications that you know your customers will be interested in. Therefore, you reduce the risk of being marked as spam or your customers opting out of your emails.



3. Reduce Your Costs


Mass marketing can run up huge costs for very mixed results. However, targeted communications aimed at the right people can save you money and be far more effective.



4. Develop Niche Products


After segmentation, you will sometimes find that there is a customer segment that has not been served. It is then possible to develop a product/service that matches their unique needs, which creates a niche product for a niche market. This presents a unique opportunity for the business as it gets there first ahead of the competition.


Customer data segmentation is a strategy that can allow a business to know its customers better, deliver marketing content more effectively and develop more suitable product and services.


There are plenty of effective ways of segmenting customer data, but different strategies will work for different industries so it’s important to decide what works best for your business. Click here for some ideas on segmenting your customer data successfully.


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