“What is the Best Day to Send Emails?” And Other FAQ’s Answered!

We’ve compiled a list of common questions we hear regularly when it comes to email marketing and we’re going to provide you with the answers to help you get more from your email marketing campaigns.

1. What is the best day to send emails?

We’d love to give you a definitive answer to this one, but the truth is, it doesn’t exist!

Hundreds of studies have been done, with varying results. Of course, there are the obvious facts that typically, people check their emails far less on the weekends- so avoid sending emails on a Saturday or Sunday if you can. It’s also said that Mondays are not a good day because people are back to work after the weekend and like to begin the week by clearing any unwanted emails. 

Friday is also said to be a no-go because we’ve all started winding down ready for the weekend. So that leaves Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as the best days.

However, turning all that on it’s head completely (we told you there’s not a definitive answer!), some industries see better open rates and engagements at weekends, for example B2C companies. Consumers will likely check their emails more on a weekend than during the week. 

So, the best day to send emails is dependant on your industry and your customer base, and you have to work out what works best for you. Do this by analysing these key email marketing metrics for every email campaign you send out and see if there are any patterns emerging.  

2. How do I grow my email list?

You’ll be pleased to know, there’s a more straightforward answer to this one! There are plenty of ways to grow your email list. The first thing we’d suggest is placing a lead magnet on your website- this could be an e-Book or a guide or discount off your product- anything that will appeal to your target customer enough to provide you with their email address. 

Place this lead magnet on every page of your website including at the bottom of every blog and make it as obvious as possible.

Click here for more ideas on how to grow your email list.

3. What are the best subject lines for emails?

Now, without knowing the aim of your email marketing, it’s impossible to provide you with the best subject lines for your emails, however we can provide you with some of the top tips we’ve learnt over the years:

a. Pique curiosity

Piquing your recipient’s curiosity will increase the chance of them opening your email. Here are some of the most intriguing subject lines we’ve seen in our inbox recently and two of them have done well to relate to their marketing to Halloween:


“It would be so creepy to miss this treat!”

– Dreamstime


“This deserves your attention.”

– Farmhouse Inns

 “Beware: extremely unique costumes inside.”

– Etsy

b. Offer something they can’t ignore

Here’s some inspiration for you:


“You deserve a break, book now from £29.99”

– EasyJet


“A spooktacular treat.”

– Ebay

 “You’ve unlocked early Black Friday savings.”

– Groupon

c. Create urgency

 “We’re treating your inbox! The clock is ticking on this 10% off flash coupon”

– Ebay


“£30 off return flights, act fast!”

– Ryanair


“24 hours to book.”

– Secret Escapes

3. What are the average open rate for email marketing?

This is an extremely common question, without a benchmark, how are you to know how well your emails are doing? We can tell you that the average email open rate ranges from around 15% to 25%, so if your open rate is within this range, you’re doing well! However, if it’s far from this, you need to make improvements, click here for some tips. If you’re not measuring this metric, you should be!

4. How do I stop people from unsubscribing to my emails?

If you don’t allow your subscribers to opt-out of your emails, you’re breaking the law. So ALWAYS make your unsubscribe button visible and obvious to your reader. However, to stop your subscribers from wanting to unsubscribe there are some techniques you can try:

• Segment your lists

Only send your subscriber content that is relevant to them.

• Don’t flood their inbox

Send regular emails but don’t over do it.

• Provide incentives to make it worth opting-in

An occasional free gift or discount will go a long way!

So there’s 4 common email marketing questions answered. If you have any other questions you would like answered, contact us and we’d be happy to help! If you’re not getting the open rates or click-through rates you want, contact the team and we can assist you.

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