Why a Sales Process is Key to your Success

It’s a simple fact of business that you need sales, without sales you have no customers and without customers you have no business – harsh but true.


Creating a sales process is key as it allows you to have a foundation that you can work from. Here are a few reasons why this is key:


1. It’s something that can be measured

When we put lead generation in place, we spend time looking at the stats. When we send out marketing emails, we measure the key metrics and yet with sales, we kind of wing it without a process in place. So that is the first key point of having a process in place, it’s something that becomes measurable and if it’s measurable, it means we can gauge to see if it’s working or not.


This doesn’t mean that as a sole trader, you don’t need a sales process because there is no one to measure it’s success. But the key to getting consistent sales is knowing what worked and being able to repeat it, so a sales process is key – it’s measurable and you can make sure that you tweak it for perfection!

2. Clarity for forecasting

If you don’t have a sales process in place, it’s almost like you are recording your leads on the back of a fag packet or napkin. You have to bring order to that chaos!


Knowing what leads are in your sales pipeline and at what stage, means that you can clearly see where people are and predict when they will cross the line from prospect to full blown customer. This gives you clarity on your workload as well as your all important cashflow.

3. It allows for growth

If your aim is to grow your business, then one of the cornerstones to support that growth is having processes in place. It means that new team members can hit the ground running and know what is expected of them from day one.


Having the processes in place means that no matter how big the team gets; the metrics and the benchmarks are in place to be able to manage. Where a lot of businesses fall down in their growth is the fact that they try and grow without the processes, this means they are forever chasing their tails which then costs time and effects their growth – build the processes first then get the people in place!

4. Get the right tool for the job

A process is only as robust as the tool that manages it, many businesses try and create a giant spreadsheet with all of these weird and wonderful colour coding options with a manual that could rival War and Peace, but that is never going to allow you to grow or manage your sales. It will however bring heartache and misery! Sounds extreme but when your data integrity is put at risk, that is only going to end one way.

Put a system in place that allows people to have clarity, accountability and the power to make things happen. That way, you will be able to manage your growth and sales success at every level.


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