Why Email Marketing Is NOT Enough To Win Business


Email marketing is a great tool employed by most successful businesses in order to communicate with their prospects and customers and continue to grow. Many big businesses claim that this alone accounts for most of their sales and like every other marketing tool, it certainly has its benefits.


What are the benefits of email marketing? 


1. Low cost 


Email marketing as a tool has many benefits, one of which is its low cost. Unlike some marketing tools, it is relatively cheap. It saves the business owner money and helps him to reach out to thousands of people at once. 


2. Speed


It allows you to compose promotional emails in a matter of minutes and forwards it to thousands of people within seconds, there really is no faster way of communicating your message to so many people at once.

These are the two benefits, amongst others that make it such a popular marketing strategy, but the truth is that email marketing alone is not enough. It has so many limitations and disadvantages and also it does not guarantee the actual purchase of the product.


The limitations of email marketing


Because of the increase in the number of companies that use it, customers are getting more frustrated with the number of promotional emails that land in their inbox everyday. Because of this frustration, many individuals end up filtering these emails into their spam folders without even taking a look at them. For this reason, many businesses end up losing rather than gaining when they use email marketing.

In addition to this, sending out bulk emails can be impersonal. People like to be treated with importance and email marketing does not always personalise marketing enough, and this can mean it’s ineffective. It does not necessarily create a relationship with the potential customer, it just fills their mailbox with irrelevant information that the prospect does not care about. 


How can you make email marketing work for you?


Email marketing certainly has it’s benefits but because of the increase in the amount of emails that an average person receives in a day, it is gradually losing its relevance and does not always produce the results that people expect it to produce. So if you have plans of expanding your business, you need to think beyond email marketing. You need to improve your marketing strategies to include other forms of marketing, and one wonderful strategy to add alongside it is lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing alongside email marketing changes the situation for you. Rather than sending annoying blast emails, you begin to send personalised emails full of content that the prospect wants and needs and in turn your prospect buys into your product or service, becoming a loyal customer. Email marketing is a good marketing strategy but alone it cannot produce the necessary results.  

So you need to go beyond just email marketing if you want to experience any victory in your business.  


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