Why Investing in yourself is the key to success

shutterstock_124302109Let me ask you a question, when was the last time that you as a business owner or business professional, invested in yourself? Yep that’s right in you.

Whether it was a new suit that you bought to look smart at a presentation. Whether it’s a new bag or a new device that you bought to enable you to be more productive or to look better. Or whether it was a training course or attendance at an event or a book, what was the last thing, when was the last thing you bought to invest in you to help make you a better and more professional business person? It’s a question that I ask a lot of our customers, and actually I’m always saddened sometimes to hear the response.

When running a business, I know better than anyone that it gets incredibly busy. You get limited amount of time and actually the last person to get looked at is generally you – the business owner, the MD or the person that’s got the responsibility for taking the business forward.

It is however the first thing that we should be doing. Investing in yourself as the leader of your business and the leader of your operation is an essential aspect of moving your company forward. It’s essential to ensure that you invest in your knowledge, skills and capacity, it’s important that you invest in training that can enable you to learn new things and new ideas. It’s essential that you invest in the areas of skills that you don’t have. Is there a skill in your business, maybe in sales, maybe in marketing that you don’t have? But actually if you had some of those skills or had some of that information or knowledge would it make a big difference in what you achieve? Or maybe you just want to feel the best you can ahead of going into a new presentation or attending an important meeting.

I understand that it’s difficult, especially in difficult times, to worry about investing in you. But investing in you and your skills and knowledge is essential to drive growth and to keep your staff happy and motivated. Smart business owners know that if they continue to invest and to seek out new ways to self-improve and develop, they will get better returns at a point in time.

So my message to you is this, when was the last time you invested in you? When was the last time you really invested in your business and the knowledge gains that your business needs in order to be successful in the modern world? I understand that you will need to see what that investment will give you as a return. But if you do it the right way and with a desire to achieve real results, the investment you make in you to learn new skills or learn new ideas will be the best investment you’ll ever make. It really can open your eyes and will make a massive difference in helping taking your business to another level. It will make a massive difference in helping taking your business to another level.

I’ve done it at In Touch, I know where I needed to invest in the past in order to get my business to where it needed to be and I did just that. I invested and as result of that investment I’m seeing and reaping the rewards. Maybe it’s time for you to look at how you invest in you and your business to get better rewards as well?

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