Why Lead Generation Without Lead Nurturing is Useless.

In third world countries, companies sometimes pay dancers and musicians and host street concerts. These concerts are aimed at arousing the interest of the public and making them notice their goods and services. This is the idea of lead generation. However, lead generation can precisely be defined as the process of getting more people to become interested in your business. There are various methods of generating leads, such as organic search engine results and referrals by the loyal customers of your company. In addition to these two, there are other methods via which leads can be generated. Examples include; the internet, telephone calls by the business, through advertisements and also by planning various types of events.

The Importance of Lead Generation

Lead generation is significant as it helps you to increase the pool of potential buyers that you have. This helps you to boost your sales and also maximise profit. The process of lead generation can boost your business’ popularity and also helps you to get more attention in this age where people don’t always get to pay attention to new things. Lead generation is advantageous in improving your business (here’s our top 10 tips), but it is not enough.

Why is Lead Generation Not Enough?

You may be wondering why something so important and fruitful is not enough. This is because lead generation alone does not produce actual customers. You may have many leads but not have actual customers. There has to be a conversion process, where your leads become customers. Lead generation cannot achieve this for you. The lead generation just generates leads and does not make any effort to make them actual customers. The process of converting leads to actual customers involves one important step, and that step is lead nurturing.

What Lead Nurturing Does To Your Generated Leads

After you generate leads, you need to nurture them. It’s like a hen that lays eggs. Those eggs can be likened to leads. The hen has the duty of incubating the eggs by sitting on them and also protecting them from predators. This way the egg hatches properly and the hen is happy. The same way, you need to nurture your leads by establishing a relationship with them. This relationship will spur them into becoming customers and not just interested ones. That is basically what lead nurturing is all about.

Lead Generation Is Useless Without Lead Nurturing

You can see that generating leads without nurturing will not help your company. Lead generation will make your company popular and get you more interested persons. But lead nurturing will help you make a profit from this popularity. So if you engage in lead generation without nurturing your leads, you will end up not making substantial profits. It’s true that some of your leads will spontaneously decide to buy what you offer. But you should realise that only a little fraction of your leads will take this decision. But with lead nurturing the number of those who take this decision will increase considerably. As you can see, lead generation is the first step but without lead nurturing it is unnecessary.


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